PLS Testimonials

"PLS was such an inspiring experience for me-- positioned just as you're beginning your SGA term, it shows you how much impact you truly can have in your position, and connects you with people just as impassioned and excited as you are! The relationships you make are lifelong, and the experience is one I always look forward to!"

Nagela Nukuna, Georgia Tech Student Body President '16-'17

"PLS was an awesome opportunity as I began my year as President of my student body. Connecting with past and present student body presidents helped equips me to lead. Also, the many topics discussed prepared me with the knowledge necessary to stay ahead of issues that were and would be affecting my campus."

Mitchell Phelps, University of Cincinnati Student Body President '16-'17

“PLS empowers student leaders to change the world together. Creating a platform for collaboration among peers has given leaders across the country the resources necessary for growth on college campuses and beyond.”

Gerard Basalla, The Ohio State University Student Body President '16-'17

“I was the first Mercer SGA President to attend PLS and I immediately felt significantly more prepared heading into the year. I was exposed to a wealth of ideas, resources, and a wonderful support system. PLS helped me recognize that no matter the size of your school, you have a platform to affect your school, community, and to impact higher change.”

Elizabeth McKay, Mercer University Student Body President '16-'17

“PLS was the perfect platform for me to harness the network and skills that I would need to be a better SGA president. The lectures, discussions, and programs were designed to provoke thought and equip me and my peers with the tools necessary to be impactful advocates on behalf of our students. The foundation laid at PLS has developed into ideas and leadership initiatives such as the "SGA Vision 2020" in Georgia, that I have been able to develop and work on with my fellow SGA presidents in the state, to better identify, document and rank student concerns in a structured and goal-oriented manner. I strongly recommend PLS for all outgoing and incoming student body presidents, as it will be a powerful network, resource, and enabler as you transition and prepare in serving your students.”

Dylan John, Georgia Southern University Student Body President '16-'17

This support was invaluable when we began a campaign advocating for the passage of federal mental health reform legislation. We were able to leverage the support of other student body presidents and show a united front to achieve success. All this was possible because of connections made at PLS 2016. As one person, you can do a lot but with friends across the nation to turn to for best practices and new ideas, the experience is one I would recommend to any campus leader.

Sara Zaheer, Indiana University Student Body President '16-'17




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