NCLC launches registration for PLS 17

The Presidential Leadership Summit is our favorite event of the year and we're so excited to launch registration for PLS 17! 


Every summit that we have hosted since 2012 has sparked new ideas, fostered friendships and ignited the conversation needed for us to positively impact our communities. 

I speak from personal experience; when I attended the summit for the first time in 2015 as USC's incoming student body president, I had no idea I would meet some of my best friends. As much the role can be a shared struggle (get ready for overflowing inboxes and endless meetings), your term as president will usher in unforgettable memories — from meeting with remarkable students, solving pressing campus challenges, and learning the art of leadership, you will grow in ways you could have never imagined. 

The Presidential Leadership Summit in Washington, D.C. is the perfect place to prepare for your successful term in student governance. Whether it's the breakout sessions focused on topics such as sexual assault prevention or diversity and inclusion, the social events where you get to know your colleagues better, or the meetings with distinguished politicos, PLS is guaranteed to present you with cherishable experiences. 


This year, we hope to make the experience even more memorable than before. The reason? We're celebrating NCLC's fifth birthday. And don't worry...we're planning a reception even better than last year's! 

See you in Washington D.C.! Don't forget to register now to snag the early-bird pricing.

Click here to register.  


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