Frequently Asked Questions

Here we’ve compiled a list of some frequently asked questions and few facts for a hassle-free registration for our biggest event of the year. If after reading this, you still have some questions, shoots us an email at summit@nationalcampusleaders.org. We are always happy to help.

1. What if my successor hasn’t been elected yet?

As space is limited, we encourage you to register for two spots as early as possible. This helps us with planning and ensures there will be space for your college to be represented. If you want to go that route, fill in all of your information. If you register your outgoing president and then register your incoming president later, we cannot honor the lower ticket rate if the second ticket is purchased after rates go up (on March 1 and May 1). If you are registering both the incoming and outgoing student body presidents, we can still offer a $30 discount on one of the tickets.

To register a ticket for a student leader to be named later:

  1. Enter "Future President" as the name of the student leader
  2. Submit placeholder contact information, ideally for the ticket buyer (if buying a single ticket), or simply copy information used for the first ticket (if buying two tickets).
  3. Check box on order form when asked if "this ticket is for a future student leader to be named at a later date"

2. What does the registration fee cover?

It depends on which registration package you purchase! Here is the breakdown based on package:

  • Package A: PLS access, all meals during the program, and event materials
  • Package B: PLS access, all meals during the program, event materials and a spot in a room shared with another PLS attendee for two nights. This is only for one attendee in a double room (two beds), and we will match you with another attendee based on gender or rooming request.
  • Package C: PLS access, all meals during the program, event materials and a single hotel room to be used only by the attendee for two nights.

3. What if I cannot afford to come?

Please contact us directly! We typically have a limited number of travel scholarships that will help eliminate or minimize the cost to travel to DC, and in some cases we are able to waive or reduce the registration fee. Students have traditionally been able to fund their participation through their student government budgets or by finding a university office to sponsor their participation.

4. What nights does the registration fee over at the hotel?

The nights of Saturday, June 3 and Sunday, June 4 only. 

5. Can I add an extra night at the hotel before and/or after PLS?

We are happy to help add an extra night or two onto your DC visit using our group contract with the hotel, however there are a couple important details. You will need to confirm with us as early as possible, and no later than two weeks before the event’s start date. While we will work to secure your additional room nights at our group rate, the hotel cannot guarantee availability and the room rate may vary by availability as we get closer to the event date. Since the registration fee does not cover the additional night(s), you will be responsible for the additional cost of the additional night(s). When you confirm your need for extra night(s), we will detail the options for how we can process your payment, either through us in advance or directly with the hotel at the time of check in.

6. How do you determine the registration fee?

It costs NCLC just over $300 to put each attendee through the program before we even factor in hotel rooms. We are able to subsidize that cost through the support of various grants and program sponsors. Our group rate for hotel rooms allows us to offer a various lodging options instead of just cramming everyone four-people-to-a-room.

7. Can I bring more people from my school with me?

Yes and no. We budget two spaces per school and strongly encourage each school to send their incoming and outgoing student body presidents. Part of our goal is to help facilitate that transition of student leadership and capture as much institutional memory as possible. That said, it is common for incoming presidents to bring their vice president if their outgoing student body president cannot join. Please review our eligibility policy on the registration page. If you wish to bring others, please contact the PLS team.

8. Can I miss a day of programming or come later to PLS?

We strongly encourage all participants to attend all three days of programming, but we do recognize that in some instances an attendee may not be able to stay the whole time. We do not offer day passes unless specifically noted. Be sure to communicate with us about any related issues or concerns.

9. When should I arrive and leave?

This year, the formal event kickoff will begin at 2:00 PM EDT on June 3th. For more details, check the PLS website or reach out to the PLS team. The program will be done by 4:00 PM EDT on June 5th.

10. Will we visit the White House?

PLS has been lucky to visit the White House for policy briefings and breakouts for the past four years. At this point, we are not yet sure how the Trump Administration will interact with student organizations like NCLC. As a consequence, we are currently not planning on any portion of PLS to take place on the White House grounds this year. We are working with other entities in DC to make sure your PLS experience is as inspiring as years past. Please check back as the program further develops.

11. What should I wear?

We recommend wearing business casual clothing throughout the program. We will confirm suggested attire via email at least one week before the event start based on the final program schedule.

12. Are advisors allowed to come?

Advisors are welcome to travel with our attendees, but our programming is designed specifically for student leaders.

13. What is your cancelation and refund policy? 

We understand things happen. Please review our policy on cancelations, transfers, and refunds here

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